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War IS Fire, easy to start hard to extinguish

Friday 28 September 2012

An Open Letter to Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu

By: Kourosh Zaim

Dear Bibi,

We know that despite your impressive war records in 6-Day War and in Yom-Kippur War, you now have no country to fight against, except for that tiny Palestine. It’s a pity, because Palestine is no match for your ambitions and military prowess. You are itching to leave a footprint in this world and show what a hero you are, ever since Sadat and Begin made peace and left you with nothing to do. And managing a country is not your forte. That’s why your record as a prime minister has been less than mediocre.

In a coalition comprising a despicable racist, Lieberman, and yourself, famous among powerful heads of state as a conniving liar, there not much you can accomplish through normal channels of diplomacy. But both Barak Obama and Ehud Barak are stuck with you.

In fact it seems the Holocaust is your only diplomatic tool of trade. We know that being from a Russian immigrant family to the U.S., far away and safe from shameful atrocities inflicted on millions of innocent Jews in Germany and Eastern Europe, you were deeply indoctrinated by your zealously Zionist grandfather and father. Now, you desire to become a big man of history, like Hitler. Your motto: Do unto others what others did unto you.

But being a Hitler is easy. You don’t need to have a very high intelligence, nor much foresight, nor even respect for life; you just need an inflated head, megalomania and a killer instinct.

Now you have found a third ally besides Lieberman in the form of Ovadia Yosef, former Chief Rabbi of Israel. He calls Iran the “wicked nation,” which is threatening the State of Israel. “May the good Lord obliterate them, destroy them…” Evidently, you’ve found the one rabbi incapable of distinguishing the rulers from the ruled.

But, there are better ways to become a man of history than displaying childish pyromania. So far in your career as a prime minister, you have won neither respect nor credibility. You are not known for peaceful politics, nor have you yet been able to turn your fiery defiance and threatening rhetoric against make-believe enemies of Israel into firefight. Nearing the end of your position of power, you are dying to do something extravagant … like start a war against Iran! Once you’ve succeeded in creating another holocaust dwarfing Hitler’s, I guess you can go back to your old job at Boston Consulting Group an accomplished man.

The native Jewish population of Israel love Iran. Most immigrant Jews have love for Iran as well. From the Babylonian War to WWII, Iran has always been rescuing Jews from violence and persecution, giving them shelter, sanctuary, and most of all respect. The majority of Israeli scholars, academics and government officials frown upon the politics you are pursuing, as do your own generals and heads of intelligence. To them, you are pursuing a madman’s dream. Even though you are first generation, Israel-born, you don’t even seem to have the same feeling of love for the “promised land” as other Israelis who want to keep it safe. The Iranian population in Israel, whose help, culturally inherent intellect, and industry has helped make Israel the power that is, and who are in positions influence and power, also abhor your politics. But you do not care.

You may not even care about how the Torah defines Iranians. Religious beliefs are for the birds, war is for Mr. Netanyahu and his infamous allies.

He is a big boy, because he has atomic bombs, he has an enviable arsenal of weapons, so why not use them? I don’t even believe you care much about what can happen to the people of Israel in your satanic adventure, less yet about what could happen to millions of Iranians.

Since your inaugural UN speech in 2009, calling Iran the greatest threat to Israel and the world, you’ve been walking in the footsteps of Islamic Republic, by creating an imaginary enemy. And since then, you have used all kinds of schemes to coerce the U.S. into your adventure. Your meddling in the American foreign policy has not been appreciated by Obama administration, none of whom seem to want to be in a room with you. Your personal interests are even diametrically opposed to the interests of your own country. All Israel-supporting Western nations despise your politics. And now, even your feverish attempts to defeat Obama and bring your close friend and former colleague from Boston Consulting Group into Whitehouse may not bear fruit.

Dragging the U.S. into war against Iran is becoming more unlikely by the day. So what if Israel has to go it alone? A majority of Americans are dubious of Israeli influence, lobby and propaganda, but bear it due to their sympathy to the savage treatment of the Jews by the Nazis. However, after nearly seven decades, they prefer their government to make decisions independent of concerns for Israel as legatee of holocaust. A non-involvement of America in your violent adventure will win majority support in the U.S., and will break loose the Israeli hold on American foreign politics.

You must know that your foreign policy is considered as extremist by all countries, much like Al-Qaeda’s, and that your unprecedented attempt to interfere in domestic U.S. politics is frowned upon. No foreign leader should so explicitly connive to oust a president of a world power, especially one which has been protecting and sustaining his country financially, militarily, and politically. I think this time you have crossed the red line. This is the most reckless of all your breaches of trust and you, Mr. Netanyahu, not Israel, must pay the price.

You are using Iran’s crippled nuclear program as excuse to satisfy your thirst for violence. In 1969, Henry Kissinger told President Richard Nixon of the dangers of Israel’s nuclear weapons program. Israel had broken its pledge to the U.S. not to introduce nuclear weapons in the region. Israel blatantly defied international law and betrayed her allies by doing so. Now, despite all the propaganda and fear-mongering, a new poll by the Chicago Council shows that 70% of American people are opposed to a unilateral US attack on Iran, jointly done with Israel, or one authorized by the U.N.

A recent study by US Intelligence comprising 16 intelligence agencies concludes that Israel is currently the “greatest threat” to U.S. national interests because its nature and actions prevent normal US relations with Arab and Muslim countries. Concocting a crisis over Iran also serves to deflect attention from the question of Palestine and to the growing social and economic ills within Israel itself. Would a great superpower allow the tiny Israel to drag it into a war with Iran or the Muslim world? We must remember how in 1914 tiny Serbia provoked war between Russia, and Austro-Hungarian Empire, and how it cost tens of millions of lives and unspeakable destruction.

On the war front, to avert Israel from aiming at Iran, the IRI has its defense positions in Syria and Lebanon, just like Russia has a naval base in Syria and the U.S. has naval base in Bahrain (and many army and air force bases surrounding Iran.) Iran’s bases are defensive and have been established mostly since 2009, when you, Mr. Netanyahu became prime Minister and called Iran the greatest threat to Israel. This was meant as deterrent to military action against Iran. When we do not have sufficient defensive systems to protect the motherland, we have no option but to set up shop near the enemy.

People of Syria are suffering because of your continued senseless threats against Iran. The same goes for democratic aspirations of the Iranian people. Once an enemy threatens, people of Iran forget differences and lock together to rid the menace. I cannot believe that the Israeli government and its intelligence apparatus are ignorant of this fact. So I can only conclude that you are deliberately keeping the people of this region from experiencing peace and democracy in fear of losing the “anti-Israel” propaganda tool.

Top economists estimate attacking Iran will cost Israel at least $42 billion, $12 billion in direct costs, and some $30 billion in collapse of business and economy, not counting collateral damage. But economists are not military experts and do not know what kind of damage can be inflicted on both sides.

Israeli intelligence must know the sheer volume of Iranian missiles that are stashed all over the landscape in your neighborhood. There may be more than 100,000 in Lebanon alone, and many more sophisticated ones in Syria, the front line of defense. The importance of Syria for Iran is to a great extent due to your threats.

Israeli missiles can inflict untold damage to our nuclear and military installations and vital infrastructure. Our Navy and Air Force will be demolished, and many people will die. Iran will respond with a shower of missiles from your neighborhood and from Iran. Israeli defense systems undoubtedly will stop many of them, but even if only a third gets through, the damage to Israel and the loss of life will be devastating. In retaliation, Israel may use nuclear weapons, causing not only vast damage to our main cities, but contaminating the land from Iraq to Pakistan and down to Arabia. Are you sure the situation will not then give the surrounding Arab states the opportunity and the reason to invade Israel en masse? Are you sure Iran does not possess the “new” weapon technology you try to scare us with?

Of course, we may suffer much larger costs and damage than Israel, but so what, for what? What will you accomplish? What did Hitler accomplish? Why not join us in calling all nations to abolish nuclear weapons? Why not invite all nuclear states to negotiate a treaty to ban the bomb and freeze future development? More than 20,000 nuclear bombs that now exist on the planet in the U.S., Russia, China, U.K., France, India, Pakistan, North Korea and Israel must be neutralized. If you want peace, look to the past to see how it has been destroyed before, and look farther into the future than your own legacy.

Tehran, September 26, 2012 (1391/07/05)

Kourosh Zaim

Member of Central Council, Iran National Front

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